Anmeldt av Matt Coe
(Inverse Records, 2017)

Karakter: 4/6

Detroit, Michigan's Hate Unbound started in 2013, and "Plague" as their debut full-length delivers 10 songs in that groove/thrash-oriented metal platform. Combining styles that traverse landscapes known from bands like Prong, Pro-Pain, and Pantera, just thrown into a slightly mid-tempo to uppity thrash veneer, the quintet stride confidently into riffs and hooks that get in, get out, and move forward. Between vocalist Art Giammara roaring and rumbling in mid-register scream mode (an acidic Anselmo delivery), and the guitar team of William Cundiff and Daryl Mitchell leveling the competition through their down-tuned, jackhammer rhythms - it's easy to hear on "Suffering", "Soiled", and the slamming title cut why Hate Unbound live up to their moniker.

Given time to stretch out into their own niche will hopefully improve Hate Unbound stylistically - for now "Plague" contains a meat and potatoes effort of groove-oriented thrash that has decent material to build upon. And at 36 minutes, you'll get maximum punch for a minimal time investment.





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