Video Premiere: COMPLETE FAILURE - Fist First, Second to None

Av Andrea Chirulescu
(Season of Mist)


Proudly presents the video premiere of




"Fist First, Second to None"



From the forthcoming new album




The Release Date

OCtober 27, 2017

(Season of Mist)



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The Statement

With their fourth full-length, 'Crossburner', COMPLETE FAILURE transform raging nger into music. The band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania balances skilfully on he sharp edge between punk and grindcore, while delivering a ripping DIY riven sound of destruction. This sonic tour de force fuses ferocious speed and itter aggression into a violent, iconoclastic stance.


The Biography

COMPLETE FAILURE were formed in the summer of 2006 as a collaboration between Pittsburgh-based artists Joe Mack and Mike Rosswog out of common interest in favourites such as TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH, LOCK UP, REPULSION, NEUROSIS, DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, and many others. When the band first hit the stage at the White Eagle in Pittsburgh on April 14, 2007 they created an immediate buzz that led to a first record deal the same year.
The grindcore antagonists' debut album, 'Perversions of Guilt’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Austin – best known as frontman of TODAY IS THE DAY. After a tour in the US and Europe in 2008, COMPLETE FAILURE released their sophomore full-length, which they self-recorded and self-released in the best punk DIY tradition. 'Heal No Evil' (2009) sold out immediately and got quickly picked up and re-issued by a label.
COMPLETE FAILURE took another step with the release of album number three, 'The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault' (2013), which underlined their punk and hardcore roots and invited comparisons with such bands as BLACK FLAG, HIS HERO IS GONE, MAN IS THE BASTARD, and POISON IDEA.
For those who like NAILS, PIG DESTROYER, BRUTAL TRUTH, MISERY INDEX, ROTTEN SOUND, and NASUM, 'Crossburner' is a sure bet. COMPLETE FAILURE let you feel the new American anger and sum it up in one word: "Punk!"
Style: Grindcore / Punk
Recording: James Curl and Dakota Rhodes
Producers: James Curl and Joe Mack
Mix & Mastering: James Curl
Cover art: Joe Mack 

The Track List

1. Schadenfreude (3:43)
2. Bimoral Narcotic (3:07)
3. Man-made Maker (2:18)
4. Suicide Screed of Total Invincibility (4:15)
5. I Am the Gun (3:39)
6. Rat Heart (1:28)
7. Curse of Birth (1:49)
8. Demise of the Underdog (1:46)
9. Fist First, Second to None (2:11)
10. Flight of the Head Case (1:11)
11. Soft White and Paid For (2:35)
12. Oath of Unbecoming (2:03)
13. Misuse Abuse Reuse (2:24)
14. A List with Names on It (3:37)


The Line Up

Joe Mack: vocals
James Curl: bass, guitars
Mike Rosswog: drums
Mark Bogacki: bass


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