LOCH VOSTOK new album STRIFE out in November via ViciSolum Productions

Av Andrea Chirulescu
(ViciSolum Productions)


Sweden's sovereign avantgarde/melo-death act LOCH VOSTOK is back with their seventh album “Strife out November 24th via ViciSolum Productions

The album was recorded at Frontporch Productions, mixed by David Castillo (Katatonia, Dark Tranquility, Sepultura) and mastered by Jens Bogren (No further introduction needed), This is without a doubt the strongest Loch Vostok album ever!

Leadsinger/guitarist, Teddy Möller tells it, as it is:
"Expect the unexpected. Djent, modern progressive, dark, gloomy, groovy, doom, black metal, pop and ridiculously heavy. Huge production. In your face/wall of sound. Songwriting in its most un-pure form, still as catchy as the plague and as beautiful as summer rain."





Loch Vostok was born out of necessity. A need to create without musical boundaries.After two years of only playing shows and demoing songs, Loch Vostok entered Dugout Studios with renowned producer Daniel Bergstrand to create their debut album. With the help of Intromental Management, Loch Vostok started the search for a suitable record company, and found Magnetism Records who released Dark Logic in 2003.Multiple shows followed, only one offs and festivals, but they were many, so many that they decided to record their second album just to get more songs out!

Second album Destruction Time Again was released by Escapi Records in 2006 and was followed by a tour with King Diamond. Small tours, festivals and one-off gigs followed, and the band was just as busy as before.
In 2007 the band recorded Reveal No Secrets which was completed and released in 2009 on Nightmare Records. All that time between was spent touring and finding the right record company. Shortly after the release, the band fell apart due to financial and stress-related issues. This was essentially the end of an era, and the start of a "new" band with a new sound, but Loch Vostok decided to keep the name.

Enter the new era:

Loch Vostok recorded Dystopium, then a tour with Therion and Leprous followed, 29 shows in 33 days, all over Europe. Just before, and during the tour, Intromental Management searched for a HOME, not just another record company, Enter ViciSolum Productions who released the critically acclaimed Dystopium in 2011.

V - The Doctrine Decoded came out in 2012, touring with Leprous, Örkenkjött and Persefone, busy years followed. Kids, house fires, death, bankruptcies and such. No hitting the breaks though. Just writing, writing and writing.
From These Waters was the hardest thing to put together, loss of parents, studio and lack of time. Still, it turned out amazing and got Loch Vostok the highest review-scores in many magazines. Touring with Persefone (again) and One Hour Hell plus very successful festivals and one offs.




Home, regrouping, settling down, focusing, writing the best possible album they could ever write, getting all that loss, stress, sorrow and chaos out of the system, enter Strife.

Mixed by David Castillo
Mastered by Jens Bogren

Out via ViciSolum Productions on November 24th, 2017.

01. Babylonian Groove
02. Summer
03. The Apologists Are the Enablers
04. Cadence
05. Forever
06. Yurei
07. Purpose
08. Ventilate
09. Consumer
10. Expiry Date of The Soul of Man

Teddy Möller – Lead vocals, guitars
Jimmy Mattson – Bass, vocals
Niklas Kupper – Guitars, vocals
Fredrik Klingwall - Keyboards
Lawrence Dinamarca – Drums

Dark Logic (2004)
Destruction Time Again (2006)
Reveal No Secrets (2009)
Dystopium (2011)
V: The Doctrine Decoded (2012)
From These Waters (2015)
Strife (2017)


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