BOBBY BURNS (Soulfly) - It's all about the song, the emotion and the vibe

Av Rune
(Roadrunner Records)

Bobby Burns tok over bassen i Soulfly etter Marcelo Dias i 2003 og har siden beholdt den plassen. Han er veldig fåmælt, men forteller i dette lille intervjuet at han begynte å spille bass som 14 åring, han er ikke musikalsk skolert og han synes Nikki Sixx er tøff. Her er The Down Below Series og Bobby Burns fra Soulfly.
When did you start playing bass? Who/what inspired you to pick up the bass?

I started playing bass when I was about 14 years old. Not being able to find a bass player inspired me.

What kind of role do you think the bass should have in a band; Primus, AC/DC, or a bit of both?

I think the bass player should be able to fit into whatever the song calls for really. I don't like bass players that overplay.

What would you say characterizes your bass playing, technically and musically?  

I don't think I am a technical player at all really.....it's all about the song, the emotion and the vibe.

Do you have any formal music training?

No, none.

Any tips for developing and maintaining technique and musical creativity? 

Practice makes perfect I guess. Just be yourself.

How do you prepare for a gig?

Sometimes I play my bass, but usually I just chill and listen to music.

How about touring, any tips on how to keep delivering through weeks on the road? 

Sleep when you can! My favourite part of the day is on stage. It's really the one thing I look forward to.

Is the right musical gear important for you? What kind of gear do you use?

Totally, I use Gallien Kruger Heads and cabs and ESP basses.

How would your dream rig look like?

The one I have.

How many strings on the bass, and why?

4, because that's all you need.

Pick or fingers? Why?

Pick, I like the tone a lot better.

Any tips for aspiring bass players?

Just do what you do and learn as much as you can. YouTube I think is a great tool for new players nowadays.

Mention three bass players within metal that has a style you like, and what you like about them.

Paul Grey (R.I.P.) - The dude was an animal.

If you were to choose three bass players (not necessarily within metal) who's inspired you, who would that be? Tell a little on how they've inspired you.

Nikki Sixx - Just because he was cool.

Og det var det Bobby hadde å si......





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