CRYPTEX release first new song since 2015


After their splendid cover version of Savatage's Gutter Ballet, it is now time for more: As continuance of their threepart live studio session, the German progressive rockers of Cryptex release their first new song since the great success of the band's last album Madeleine Effect in 2015: The track is called Closer and it's the first time singer Simon Moskon and guitarist André Mertens have teamed up for a composition.

"What's special about this song and basically a novelty is the fact that André and I composed, arranged and texted it together. This collaboration works so very well because we perfectly complement one another when it comes to dealing of personal matters. Closer is an unambiguous and hard statement providing deep insights and giving an idea of what is currently about to develop here", says Moskon.


Mystic, melancholically elating, self-effacing and effervescent at the same time, heartfelt dances of piano and guitar, and a polyphonic chorus, fascinating till the end and going to stick in one’s mind for a pretty long time – in short: an incredibly complex and multilayered song that keeps the stylistic basis of Cryptex constantly in motion and vividly proves the band’s multifaceted nature.

But that’s not all: Cryptex are also going to release the complete Rain Shelter Studio Session as a digital EP right on time with the start of their Anthems Of Glory tour on October 8.





08.10.2017 - Hannover, Subkultur
10.10.2017 - Bremen, Meisenfrei
20.10.2017 - Mannheim, 7er Club
21.10.2017 - Mainz, Alexander The Great
24.11.2017 - Hamburg, Marias Ballroom
25.11.2017 - Braunschweig, Barnaby's
02.12.2017 - Kassel, Fiasko
08.12.2017 - Fürth, Kofferfabrik
09.12.2017 - Bamberg, Live Club
10.12.2017 - Augsburg, Spectrum

Ticket pre-sale http://www.bandsintown.com/Cryptex



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