Black Sabbath new tribute video features 2 former band members

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Emerald Sabbath release new music video for Black Sabbath's 'She's Gone, featuring two former band members

The 'Ninth Star' album by Emerald Sabbath is an ambitious epic rock & classical music tribute to BLACK SABBATH. Founded and produced by Michael Suilleabhain, an Irish Nuclear Construction Safety Inspector, 'Ninth Star' features 10 former members of Black Sabbath, The English Chamber Choir and much more.

The first song to be released from the album is 'She's Gone', which originally featured on Sabbath's 1976 album 'Technical Ecstasy'. The new recording features Dave Walker, who replaced Ozzy Osbourne briefly in 1977/1978. He also fronted Idle Race, Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac. 'She's Gone' features former Black Sabbath / Whitesnake member Neil Murray on bass guitar.

Watch 'She's Gone' (official music video): 


‘Ninth Star’ by Emerald Sabbath features 10 former members of Black Sabbath and much more, including: Adam Wakeman (Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne), Bev Bevan (Black Sabbath/ELO), Neil Murray (Black Sabbath/Whitesnake), Terry Chimes (Black Sabbath/The Clash), Laurence Cottle (Black Sabbath/The Alan Parsons Project), Ron Keel (Black Sabbath/Ron Keel Band), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell), Dave Walker (Black Sabbath/Fleetwood Mac), Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath/Rainbow), Tony Martin (Black Sabbath/Headless Cross), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne/Whitesnake) and The English Chamber Choir. Other Emerald Sabbath contributors include Will Malone and Mike Lewis (Sabotage/Technical Ecstasy) Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath/Judas Priest), Jeremy J. Lewis (Headless Cross), Mike Lewis (She's Gone) Skaila Kanja (Royal Academy Of Music) PLUS Black Sabbath album graphic designers Richard Manning and Colin Elgie (Technical Ecstasy) and Hugh Gilmour (Born Again).

Emerald Sabbath founder/producer, Michael Suilleabhain, talks about 'Ninth Star'.
Watch the video:


“This is a quick note to all of those fans. My name is Michael Suilleabhain. I am from Castletownbere in West Cork, Ireland and I have been a Black Sabbath fan since 1983, when I heard them for first time. Like a lot of fans it was Black Sabbath’s debut album I heard first, and as they say, the rest is history. Over the years, I have since seen Black Sabbath a total of 82 times with every line-up [except with Ray Gillen].

I also have a great passion for classical music, and in May 2015 I decided to mix both of them. Adam Wakeman was the first to contribute to the project, with keyboards on ‘Changes’, and then it snowballed into this final product. I decided to re-record Black Sabbath tracks and instrumentals with as many as ex-members of Black Sabbath as possible. A lot of the artists also played on the originals (such as Vinny Appice, who joined Sabbath on drums for the Heaven And Hell tour, and The English Chamber Choir on Supertzar). I then brought in a string quartet along with various classical players.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to do this, but my persistence paid off. I would like to thank all the ex-Black Sabbath guys for helping me with this, as well as the former Black Sabbath graphic designers, string arrangers and producers. I hope that everyone will enjoy this album.”

The ‘Ninth Star’ album is dedicated to Black Sabbath and their Fans Worldwide.

Michael Suilleabhain (Emerald Sabbath founder/producer/singer)


"Emerald Sabbath has been Michael Suilleabhain's labor of love for years. I'm honored to be part of it." - Bobby Rondinelli

"In March of 1984, Tony Iommi gave me a list of songs to learn for Black Sabbath. All three of my Emerald Sabbath tracks - 'Hole In The Sky,' 'Trashed' and 'Die Young' - were on there, and now thanks to Michael Suilleabhain I had the opportunity to sing those with some of my friends and heroes. The challenge of cutting an Ozzy song, a Dio song, and a Gillian song was matched only by my pride in the results, I'm really proud to be a part of this project." - Ron Keel 



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Connect with Emerald Sabbath:

. Website: https://emeraldsabbath.com
. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Emerald-Sabbath-2543397902552601/
. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Emerald_Sabbath
. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emeraldsabbath/

'Ninth Star' is released via Plastic Head Distribution on the 15th of February 2019.
. Pre-Order:  https://smarturl.it/emeraldsabbath

'Ninth Star' Tracklist and Credits:

 Adam Wakeman: Keyboards
 Bev Bevan: Percussion
 Laurence Cottle: Bass
 Anneka Sutcliffe: Violin
 Sarah Tobias: Flute/Clarinet

 Ron Keel: Vocals
 Vinny Appice: Drums
 Rudy Sarzo: Bass
 DC Cothern: Guitar
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitar
 Ellen Morgan: Keyboards

 Sarah Tobias: Flute/Clarinet
 Ardeton String Quartet
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitar

 Ron Keel: Vocals
 Vinny Appice: Drums
 Bev Bevan: Percussion
 Laurence Cottle: Bass
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitar

 Adam Wakeman: Keyboards
 Laurence Cottle: Bass
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitar
 Sarah Tobias: Flute

 Dave Walker: Vocals
 Bill Dwyer: Guitars
 Neil Murray: Bass
 Chris Cundy: Keyboards
 Steve Owers -- Drums
 Ardeton String Quartet
 Lisa Ljungberg: Backing Vocals

 Tony Martin: Vocals
 Laurence Cottle: Bass
 Bobby Rondinelli: Drums
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitars
 Adam Wakeman: Keyboards

 Neil Murray: Bass
 Sarah Tobias: Flute/Clarinet
 Ardeton String Quartet
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitar

 Ron Keel: Vocals
 Bobby Rondinelli: Drums
 Laurence Cottle: Bass
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitar

 Michael Suilleabhain: Vocals
 Adam Wakeman: Keyboards
 Laurence Cottle: Bass
 Bev Bevan: Percussion
 Queenie May: Backing Vocals
 Annela Sutcliffe: Violin
 Sarah Tobias: Flute/Clarinet

 English Chamber Choir
 Adam Wakeman: Keyboards
 Terry Chimes: Drums
 Laurence Cottle: Bass
 Pete Rinaldi: Guitar
 Skaila Kanja: Harp
 Elen Morgan: Glockenspiel



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