ETHYL ETHER - release new album and video for first single

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Ethyl Ether Release New Album And Video for First Single

Cape Town’s self-proclaimed aggro-pop band Ethyl Ether have released their album Museum of Human Error and a video for the first single Dead and Buried. The album is a collection of dirty riffs, snarling vocals and pounding drums. The video was shot on location in Southfield, Cape Town, directed by the bands bassist/vocalist Pablo Booma and filmed and edited by Karin Louw.

Formed just over 2 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa the band has been gigging regularly and have released 1 album, The Pleasure Room plus a live ep Into Chaos.

'Museum of Human Error is an album about life and death, pleasure and pain and a few things in between. The constant search for answers to existential questions and trying to find a purpose for our time on this earth.' - Andrew Paine - Vocals,Guitar

Watch the video for Dead and Buried



Museum of Human Error is available now on all digital platforms including

Deezer  iTunes Apple Music  Spotify


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Andrew Paine - Vocals,Guitar
Pabs - Bass/Vox
Patrick Naidoo - Drums
Adam Brandon - Lead Guitar

Track Listing

1.       We Go Riding

2.       I’ll Call Her Summer

3.       Chemicals

4.       Dead and Buried

5.       No Purpose

6.       Talking to Susan

7.       Downtown

8.       Honest

9.       September

 10.  Just Be A Friend

 11.  Cherry

 12.  All My Friends Are Dead

 13.  Does Anybody Care

 14.  Needle or Blade

 15.  Cold Black Soul




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