Nordic Fest 2019

LO and Behold!

Once upon a time in 2018 Nordic Markus and Pål sat in the car to Elements of Rock, reminiscing the 2017 edition of Nordic Fest.

The delight of getting your face melded, bones pounded and beaten by the delightful tunes of holy wrath, righteous anger, and glorious praise. Happy Days.

And least, but not last considering the festivals outstanding surplus on $5, we decided:
It was time to gather the family again.
You are invited. And we look forward to seeing you all!
Even if we don´t know you from before.

Artists 2019

Friday Saturday
19:30-20:15 The Weakening 18:30-19:15 Hortor
20:30-21:15 Opus Irae 19:30-20:15 Sawol
21:30-22:15 Antidemon 21:30-22:30 GROMS
22:30-23:15 Safemode 22:45-23:30 Drottnar


Nordic Mission will be selling vinyls, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and hoodies at the venue. This is your chance to get yourself collectors’ items, a masterpiece, the latest news or the albums you have always wanted, without paying for the shipping! Check out nordicmission.net for our selection! We are also, as always, invited to join the service at Sub Church on Sunday 16:00 (4:00 PM).

Nordic Fest will as always be at SubScene and as in 2017 only 150 festival tickets are available. And again as always, the bikers in Holy Riders will provide both cheap accommodation and tons of the nationally recognized culinary experience Grandiosa.


Andre nyheter:

15.11.2019: Thread of Omen release crushing new EP
13.11.2019: DEEP PURPLE til Tons Of Rock
10.11.2019: AMARANTHE spiller på USF Verftet
10.11.2019: DØDHEIMSGARD spiller på BLÅ, Oslo
10.11.2019: Max & Igor Cavalera spiller på Rockefeller
06.11.2019: RIVAL SONS spiller på Forum Scene i Bergen
04.11.2019: Alt-rockers The Color Blew reveal the live video for new track The Man
04.11.2019: PUSSY RIOT spiller på Parkteatret
03.11.2019: NORWAY ROCK 2020 - første band klare
01.11.2019: HYPNO5E Video Premiere
01.11.2019: The Drift - cover reveal and new track stream
01.11.2019: POWERWOLF spiller på Rockfeller
29.10.2019: KING - new single and lyric video premiere
29.10.2019: Gluecifer x 3 // Rockefeller 7.–9. november
29.10.2019: ALTER BRIDGE spiller på Sentrum Scene i Oslo
28.10.2019: Legend Halloween-weekend
26.10.2019: Tribulation launches live video from upcoming DVD
25.10.2019: 70000TONS OF METAL: First 10 bands announced
24.10.2019: Blodsmak / Ravn: Kruttsterk eventyrblanding
23.10.2019: ALL THIS, FOR NOTHING - unveil new video
23.10.2019: POD + Alien Ant Farm på Rockefeller
23.10.2019: ZEAL&ARDOR spiller på Parkteatret
23.10.2019: TANGERINE DREAM spiller på Rockefeller
23.10.2019: BRUTAL ASSAULT - bands update
22.10.2019: DIRTY MOONSHINE - premieres video for new single
22.10.2019: RAGNAROK - new single from upcoming album
21.10.2019: GÅTE ute med ny singel
21.10.2019: NORDIC FEST
16.10.2019: Refused klare med nytt album
15.10.2019: Slaamaskins Juleblotsbordfestival 2019