Snatch-Back release new CD



The original 70s line up of NWOBHM band “Snatch-Back” have just independantly released on CD, Downloads & Vinyl LP “ Ride Hard Run Free”.

Recorded in UK, this was mixed and mastered by Bart Gabriel and Rafal Kossakowski in Poland; with Artwork by Italian artist Roberto Toderico.

The video for “Hard Times” from new LP can be watched below, for a taste of the band's sound:


It's got great reviews already:

John Tucker Online:

...”more than able to kick some serious arse. Boasting a rounded, forceful sound, the band’s long-waited debut album... There’s much to admire and nothing to dislike here, and age certainly has not withered the quartet who attack each song with the raw enthusiasm and naïve tempestuousness of a bunch of teenagers, with Platt in particular employing the Ginger Baker technique of thrashing his kit to within an inch of its life....a true tribute for the musicians and fans, and indeed the NWOBHM itself.”


Hard Rock Heavy Metal:

“HARD TIMES is one of our favs, a stunning tune with pressing drums and powerful solos, while GOT TROUBLE is able to raise the bar again. MOVIN’OUT grows second after second, again with Motörhead mood, before great ON THE RUN. The “so British” SHE’S DEAD ends in the best way this great platter!”

Brian Mear Mearfest
Valve amps hum, and suddenly were off!!!
Ride hard, Run free the opening track is a bikers anthem it's full of power,What follows is eight fantastic tracks of solid pure British Rock.(along with some great bonus live tracks from 78)This band may hark back to a different era but the sound on this release is fantastic
Crisp and clear as a bell
You hear every note from Ste Byatts guitar
John's vocals are perfect along with the bass of Ian Wood and the thunderous Steve Platt this is wonderful
For lovers of the NWOBHM and Classic British Rock I really cannot fault this album
Snatch back keep a golden era of Rock not only alive but bursting with health and vitality
Later this year Snatch back will be playing for Mearfest North once again and for very good reason.
Bands with this amount of History and Quality are as rare as hens teeth
Magnificent!!! 10 out of 10 (Eleven if the dial allows)



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