Beaten To Death – Norwegian Grindcore Innovators Unveil New Video


Beaten To Death – Norwegian Grindcore Innovators Unveil Video For New Track "Run Burn Move Die"

Norwegian grindcore innovators Beaten to Death have just unveiled a music video for a brand new song off their fifth album "Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos", now available only on vinyl. 


Vocalist Anti-Climax comments about this song "Lyrically this is one of our most seriously themed songs. We are going for classic thrash metal thematics here. This was written around the time when the world actually opened their eyes for a second and became aware of the Rojava conflict in northern Syria. But I guess it's more or less a generalized comment on how millions of children grow up in war zones with very little possibility of escape or ever experiencing a safe environment, and how - when left with a choice of giving up or rallying around a common cause to fight for a different future - many choose to fight however hopeless that fight may be."

He continued "The video for the song features clips from the second day of recording the album, as well as from one random evening of vocals at Tommy's. Fun fact; the vocals for Burn Run Move Die were recorded during our final vocal session, which happened to take place just as Covid-19 started to spread around the globe in March 2020. Although you won't see it in the video, Anti-Climax marked the occasion by wearing a dust mask during takes, which added a cool muffling effect".


In a surprise move, Norwegian grindcore innovators Beaten to Death completely caught us off guard last week by releasing their fifth album with no prior notice. 
Titled "Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos" this new album is now available only on vinyl beautifully adorned with artwork of the incredibly talented William Hay (Agronomicon).

More releases are planned for the rest of the year, further details and tunes will announced soon, stay tuned.



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