WARZAW releases new single


Trondheim based act WARZAW releases single from debut album


Warzaw is a Norwegian heavy metal band formed in Trondheim, Norway in 2020. The band consists of experienced musicans in the Trondheim area who wanted to make energetic, riff-packed music reminiscent of the glory days of 80's heavy metal. Warzaw also draw inspiration from a vast range of other styles of music and they add a lot of diversity and technical proficiency to their songs. The band made their live debut in 2020 and is a band that is sure to pack a punch when playing live. With a fierce attitude the boys in Warzaw are gearing to release  


Warzaw is:

Daniel Rønning - Lead Vocals

Håvard Alvarez - Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Trond Jullumstrø - Lead & rhytm guitars, bass, backing vocals

Mats Sødahl - Drums, backing vocals

All music and lyrics by Håvard Alvarez & Trond Jullumstrø

All arrangements by Warzaw

Engineered by Trond Jullumstrø

Produced by Warzaw

Mixed and mastered by Roar Nubdal

Recorded at Lair Shrediablo and Studio Nubdal in June-July 2020

Artwork - TKS Lowskill




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