PAINKILLER PARTY releases new album

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Photo by Grawonski

PAINKILLER PARTY releases new album

An intense kind of party, filled with good vibes and probably the most extreme growls ever to be heard out of a female throat: PAINKILLER PARTY's second album ‘It's never too late to have a happy childhood' even outpaces their first one.

Brutal deathcore breakdowns meet jarring party electronics, ultra deep death growls of the female lead vocalist collide with the happy and child-like background vocals of drummer Noel. Hard and extreme sounds get blended together with sweet sugary melodies to form a unique mixture of porn lyrics, party fun and the unbreakable will to never back down and live their lives to their fullest. And on top of that: They are committed to Straight edge - truly a unique blend which is definitely worth listening to.

Who would not want to know what the part-taking penisses in a Gang Bang Tango look like? Or what is the nicest part at a bukkake party? You will definitely get your answers on „It‘s never too late to have a happy childhood‘. Still hateful for your ex? Or maybe simply happy about your own life? Everyone will find their perfect soundtrack.

Well, it wasn‘t just a phase. That‘s what PAINKILLER PARTY‘s parents presumably think now. Oh no, the band lives and celebrates their weirdo image and won‘t ever back down. Find the proof in 12 brand new songs and lots of energy and party power for the future!




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