Crowned In Hell

Anmeldt av Matt Coe
(Violent Journey Records, 2011)

Karakter: 4/6

Forming in 2000, this Finnish old school thrash band took their time working their way up to a debut full length. “Crowned In Hell” at 9 songs and 32 minutes revels in the Testament, Exodus and Anthrax world- with nary a trace of commercialism in sight. “Straight From Hell” and “Demon’s Way” go for the 1-2-3-4 punch you in the face assault, taking no prisoners in the riffing or drum savagery. By the time you hear the closer “Thrown Into Darkness (Unholy War)”, you’ll think you are taking in Slayer back when they were unafraid to just steamroll you with speed, adrenaline and mania.

Original? Hardly. Yet Bloodride perform thrash without pretense, with the purpose of music first - as it always should be.


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