Anmeldt av Matt Coe
(Inverse Records, 2012)

Karakter: 1.5/6

If the ratio of sludge or stoner to doom in my metal tips itself too high in the former category, this critic will lose interest faster than the speed of light. As such, "Skygods" from Finnish band Demonic Death Judge have too much of that nails on the chalkboard feel to the vocals and some of their drawn out stoner riffs to gain more than a passing glance through my ears. "Aqua Hiatus" rumbles with fuzz box bass and guitar feedback as the extreme singing penetrates like storm clouds.

Maybe Eyehategod fans can get into these 8 tracks, but for me Demonic Death Judge resemble a sonic train rolling endlessly at snail's speed- with no ending to each track in sight.




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