The Last Generation

Anmeldt av J. Nepper
(Post Apocalyptic Music, 2014)

Karakter: 4/6

styxianindustries_thelastgeneration.gifStyxian Industries is a sick and twisted black industrial metal outfit hailing from the Netherlands, and this 5-track EP of theirs entitled "The Last Generation" is an interesting and captivating release. I am not familiar with their other releases, but after having listened to this EP I will for sure make up for that and check out the rest of their dystopic discography.

The songs are all rather dynamic and catchy and yet suitably layered and filled with different nuances that you start noticing and picking up on every time you spin the disc. In other words, the music is instantly memorable and yet just about complex enough for the listener to keep listening to the whole thing and discovering new stuff every time around. While some black industrial metal bands tend to grind away as fast as they possibly can, Styxian Industries have luckily chosen a different approach and endowed their songs with a lot of variation and changes between parts that are either slow, mid-paced, or out-and-out fast, which leaves me feeling that I am actually listening to well-composed and nicely arranged black industrial music for once. There is nothing monotonous or one-dimensional to "The Last Generation", that is for sure.

If bands such as Diabolicum, Black Lodge, and Hesperus Dimension appeal to you then by all means check out Styxian Industries as they have a lot more to offer than most other bands within this particular genre. Highly recommended!




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