Violent Procreation

Anmeldt av Matt Coe
(War Anthem Records, 2014)

Karakter: 4/6

entrench_violentprocreationcover.jpgSweden's Entrench perform in a speedy, relentless brand of death/ thrash for their second studio album "Violent Procreation". These 9 songs render bodies and limbs numb, guitarist/ vocalist Fredrik Pellbrink harsh in his Mille/ Kreator-ish raspy screams while the music has this raw, in your face edge that brings to mind everything from early 90's Sunlight death bands to Hypnosia, Cyclone, and Merciless if people choose to remember some of these acts.

The snare has that semi-tin can blast nuance that makes songs like "Adjust to Summit" and the 6:42 "Calm the Urge" recall unbridled youthful energy back when musicians didn't care about label deals or wishing to conquer the commercial world. Entrench know that successful brain retention means everything can't be hyper speed, so the slower sections give the material that breather aspect before more crazy lead breaks and the avalanches of riffs cascade the airspace. "The Process of Annihilation" is one such track that is more of a mid-tempo, musical oriented offering, a lot of the stop/ starts containing different thrash tricks and slightly more technical chord choices amidst the heads down riffing.

"Violent Procreation" isn't going to revolutionize the thrash/death world - and I doubt that would be Entrench's intent. They are here to remind us that this music is not always supposed to be about being precise, being perfect, and spending a lot of time refining ideas - and that sometimes it's okay to press play and go for the throat. So that segment of the underground will certainly dig Entrench and their no holds barred style.





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