Anmeldt av Matt Coe
(Scarlet Records, 2016)

Karakter: 5/6

faithsedge_restorationcover.jpgThe third album from Faithsedge, "Restoration" features a lively lineup of seasoned musicians from notable bands like Stryper, Mr. Big, Dokken, and Hardline among others. Guitarist/vocalist Giancarlo Floridia is the main songwriter/driving force of the group - also notable in the ranks is keyboardist/producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, bassist Tim Gaines, guitarist Alex De Rosso and drummer Matt Starr.

What we have here is 10 songs of tasteful melodic hard rock surely coming from the American 80's landscape. Large choruses, big hooks on the vocal and musical front, plus the versatility of straight ahread rockers, anthems, and ballads makes "Restoration" a diverse top to bottom record. Shifting from a slower, tender ballad like "Faith and Chris" to a happier up tempo rocker "Her Way Back", Giancarlo has that magnetic charm in his phrasing and shape shifting melodies to appeal to a lot of mavens in this genre. Alex has the requisite licks and axe skills to be in the class of George Lynch and his disciples - check out "Never a Day" and "Regret at All" for his masterful playing. Female narrative elements creep into "This War", probably one of the heavier songs on "Restoration" - Giancarlo using a fierce attitude to convey the lyrics during the verses as the riffs have a little more of that early Ozzy bite.

They say the third album in a band's career will usually tell you whether they can attain success or should pack things in and try something new- Faithsedge find themselves in the former category for sure with this album. Let the windows roll down, set your vehicle on comfortable cruise control and sing your heart out to this material.





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