Heroes of Mighty Magic

Anmeldt av Matt Coe
(Nuclear Blast, 2016)

Karakter: 4.5/6

twilightforce_heroesofmightymagiccover.jpgTriumphant symphonic power metal from Sweden - Twilight Force arise at a perfect time in a scene that needs over the top excitement and joy. "Heroes of Mighty Magic" is the second full-length for the sextet, giving the listeners 12 tracks and 70 minutes of choir-oriented happy melodies, orchestral keyboards of splendor and guitar displays that rival Freedom Call, Helloween, Rhapsody (of Fire), and occasional flashes of Dragonforce.

Expect a number of speed-oriented tracks full of bravado and glory, double kick to the heavens and a couple of epic songs amidst the normal standard fare. Highlights can change depending upon the mood, but there's a soft spot for the ten-minute plus "There and Back Again" where the symphonic/orchestral layers go hand in hand against the guitar play that can be just as invigorating through its neo-classical flourishes and the spacious hyper-speed vocal/guitar acrobatics within "To the Stars" that include heart stopping choir parts. Conviction matters in performing a style so bold - Twilight Force live for these quests and pour every ounce of their musicianship into the cause.

"Heroes of Mighty Magic" is not a record for those who believe metal should always be ‘serious' or ‘evil'. Symphonic power metal is meant to be enjoyed by hordes of followers that wish to escape into a fantasy world - and we know that there are plenty worldwide who seek to deliver themselves from reality doldrums. Together since 2011, their brand of ‘adventure metal' should get a bigger boost now signed to one of the best metal labels going today. Sure to turn a lot of frowns upside down.





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