Anmeldt av Matt Coe
(NoiseArt Records, 2017)

Karakter: 3/6

majesty_rebelscover.jpgOften tagged as Germany's answer to Manowar, Majesty return to issue their eighth studio album in "Rebels". Heavy metal never has to worry when acts like this exist - championing power riffs and lyrics savoring battles and the glory of the genre. Expect choruses that shout in short, stunted formats ("Die Like Kings", "Fireheart"), double bass aplenty, and sometimes silly lyrical content (‘we ain't gonna take it anymore' for "Yolo HM"... you only live once heavy metal).

Musically there's little to fault in terms of the talent and musicianship skills from the quintet. Guitarists Tristan Visser and Robin Hadamovsky team up for solid rhythm riffs, catchy hooks, and fretboard excitement during their break spotlights. Adding that Sabaton keyboard fanfare nature at certain times gives "The Final War" call to arms appeal, the chorus section vital to speedy, Euro-power mavens. Where the band misfire is on a mead-hall power ballad such as "Across the Lightning", better served for melodic hard rock or AOR-oriented acts as the monotonous chorus becomes irritating halfway through, plus the overblown bells that open for "Iron Hill", an otherwise outstanding Running Wild-oriented affair featuring some of the album's best culturally-touching riffs and melodies.

"Rebels" will probably be an album that meets expectations for those already into the fold, but won't exactly gain Majesty major kudos from those seeking out newer bands or fence-sitters. Adequate isn't necessarily outstanding in today's saturated metal market, so proceed with necessary caution as this group flies the flag for traditional heavy metal.





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