Totally Vulgar Live

Anmeldt av Peter Loftus
(Svart Records, 2017)

Karakter: 4/6

There are quite a few Abhorrences out there but this lot is the Finnish one. Originally active from ‘89 to '90, they played some fairly typical (for the time) northern European death metal. Possibly a bit too brutal and raw to pass for the kind of thing that was coming out of Sunlight Studios at the time (in fact the darkly atmospheric heaviness almost recalls Rippikoulu at times), but it still had the European feel. Fast forward a few years and members being involved in better known acts like Amorphis and Tyr. 2012. The band gets back together and starts to play live again (although still not releasing original new material). Totally Vulgar, recorded at Tuska Open Air in 2013, provides a snapshot of what these guys can do.

Ok, since 1990, Death Metal has wandered down many roads. Abhorrence almost feel like a mammoth dug from the earth and brought back to life. They are a living breathing beast from another age. That is not to say they are obsolete or that their music is dated - the band's sound is excellent and the songs all stand up well. I suppose I like this more than a lot of modern DM, because it comes from a time before triggered drums and all of the tricks DM bands use to try to impress these days. It feels authentic and it feels real. More please!





Andre omtaler:

22.10.2017: ATREXIAL - Souverain
22.10.2017: PIG'S BLOOD - Pig's Blood
21.10.2017: NICK SOULSBY - Thurston Moore – We Sing a New Language
20.10.2017: HAUNTED BY SILHOUETTES - Iskalde blikk
19.10.2017: KARNE - Symposium of Torments
18.10.2017: DRAWN INTO DESCENT - Drawn into Descent
18.10.2017: NICK CAVE - Oslo Spektrum
17.10.2017: PERSECUTORY - Towards the Ultimate Extinction
17.10.2017: MAJOR PARKINSON - Blackbox
16.10.2017: BLACK BLEEDING - The Awakening
15.10.2017: L.A. GUNS - The Missing Peace
15.10.2017: DAVID GILMOUR - Live at Pompeii
14.10.2017: THE DEVIL AND THE ALMIGHTY BLUES - Hulen, Bergen
12.10.2017: BLODSMAK - Flytten, Haugesund
12.10.2017: ANTZAAT - The Black Hand of the Father
10.10.2017: BLACK STONE CHERRY - Black to Blues
10.10.2017: WOBBLER - From Silence to Somewhere
08.10.2017: HIMMELLEGEME - Myth of Earth
03.10.2017: LAIBACH - Folken, Stavanger