INFERNO FESTIVAL 2017 - Club day #2

Blå & Vulkan

Anmeldt av Nichlas Håvik

kicked off the club day of Inferno at Blå with a bang. The band appeared controlled and tight on stage, and they gave a solid performance to their audience. Some of the moments in between songs could have been shorter, as they had a tendency to lose the energy of the room, but except for that, the band was in a good shape! The audience responded somewhat to the band, but it didn't always look like Sulphur managed to reach the people watching. The setlist was a good mix of old and new, and that is usually a successfull recipe, so it might just be a product of playing first at a festival. In the end it was a cool performance, and Sulphur showed that they are doing good, but still have some kinks to work out.

Next up at Blå was Slegest, which can be described as a doomy black n' roll project. They were definetly an interesting part of this years line up, but they managed just fine to pull the audience in to their groovy world of music. As for the performance: it could (like Sulphur's) be polished a little bit in order to seem a little bit tighter, however the audience did seem a little bit more awake during Slegest. Most of the setlist was fun and (somewhat) light, compared to other bands, and that captures an important point: Remember to have fun along the way!

SARKOM live @ Inferno Festival 2017
(Photo: Stig Pallesen)
Sarkom is a band that in many ways captures what Black Metal once used to be, almost to a parodic extent. Once the band hit the stage, there wasn't a single man or woman in the audience that would be able to not understand what genre Sarkom would play. Corpse paint, nails, studs and leather, all contribute to Sarkom's image, which is in the realm of 2nd wave Black Metal. If that is something you find interesting, then Sarkom is definetly a band worth checking out! If you are looking for something with a bit more progressive tunes and a bit more melodic music, then you can maybe sit this one out.

BORKNAGAR live @ Inferno Festival 2017
(Photo: Stig Pallesen)
Borknagar was the last band at Vulkan for the evening. They delivered a pretty solid show, but nothing grander than they have done before. The band has just been on an extensive tour, and it is understandable that this might tear a little on the band over time. The band did give most of what energy they could give, though, and the audience seemed very happy about that. The setlist was a very nice compilation of very old and somewhat new, which resonated well. As for the band themselves: they seemed to be tired, and at times it could come off as them being awfully ready to get off stage. There were less joking and fun in between shows than normal, and that did drag the show a little bit down.

With the first day over, the Inferno audience was now finally ready to take on the main stages of the festival, and to get a proper, black easter!




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