Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Mascot, 2017)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Triggerfinger cover.jpg"Colossus" by the Begian fuckers Triggerfinger was one of those albums that I was looking forward to checking out and I am pleased to report that I was not let down. The album contains ten dynamic and raw tunes that encompass everything from punk to psychedelic 60s rock and further on to classic rock and hard rock.
Heck, one can even detect a few country music traits here and there. The punk rock influences are quite prevalent, however, but Triggerfinger have more in common with Beastmilk and Grave Pleasures than The Clash and the Sex Pistols, if you catch my drift. Some passages even have a somewhat pompous and catchy 80s pop-like vibe to them while Ruben Block's voice has a tinge of melancholy to it. "Candy Killer" is a great example of how beautifully Triggerfinger have managed to weave contrasts and different styles of music together to great effect.
On the other hand, the opening riff to album closer "Wollensak Walk" sounds like something straight out of "Twin Peaks" with its strange atmosphere and unsettling melody. Wicked stuff! The morose "Afterglow" is another glorious and moving piece.

The important thing to note is that Triggerfinger have spawned an eclectic and captivating album full of great songs that are bound to suck you into a weird and fascinating musical universe that you do not wish to escape once you caught a glimpse of just how vast and impressive it is. "Colossus" is cheeky but never cheesy. You need this awesome slab of bouncy, gritty, and moody rock 'n' roll!

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