War is Over

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Mascot, 2017)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Von Hertzen cover.jpg"War is Over" by the Finnish rockers that are the Von Hertzen Brothers is first and foremost a highly dramatic and intense prog rock album, which is to say that it is filled to the brim with huge choruses, bombastic riffs, epic melodies, and unexpected turns, but it also has an introspective and frail edge to it that is quite appealing. While the symphonic aspects of the record are prevalent thoughout and possess both energy and drive, the mellow and rather moody passages that occasionally rear their heads are just as thrilling and dazzling in their own way.
All the different parts seem to flow together organically and yet despite the Von Hertzen Brothers' ability to make it sound as if they are merely rolling this shit out of their sleeve effortlessly, you can just tell that a lot of thought, creativity, and passion went into arranging these long and cleverly written tunes. The keyboard playing is both creative and inventive while the guitar work is stunning.
The drums and bass lock in perfectly and never let up, so no complaints regarding the rhythm section either. Personally, I never really warmed that much to the vocals on previous efforts, but this time around they sound way more natural to my ears, almost as if the Von Hertzen Brothers decided to just not give a shit and simply write and record the album that they had always wanted to make. Not every song is a classic and the album is not flawless, but are you seriously telling me that "Jerusalem" and "Who Are You?" are not brilliant cuts? Or the galloping "Long Lost Sailor", for that matter?

"War is Over" is an explosive album and it might take you a while to truly absorb and digest it in full, but it is well worth devoting some time to its ten proggy and sprawling tracks. We are talking utterly dynamic, heartfelt, and vigorous music here, folks.

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