Misplaced Childhood (2017 Remaster)

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Parlophone Records, 2017)

Karakter: 5.5/6

Marillion Misplaced Childhood.jpgThe near-flawless 1985 opus entitled "Misplaced Childhood" by the British prog rock stalwarts Marillion is without a shadow of doubt one of those great records that is both timeless and eternally relevant. This 2017 remaster brings all those breathtaking compositions and their sublime atmospheres to life again and the album has lost none of its haunting melancholy, depth, or moving textures over the years.
The fascinating and marvelous thing about it is that while it is full of unpredictable elements as well as twists and turns that come out of nowhere, all the songs flow together so organically and in such a beautiful manner that it borders on the surreal. The sublime vocals courtesy of Fish are chilling in places while the interplay between Mark Kelly's elegant keyboards, Steve Rothery's majestic guitars, and the utterly tight rhythm section consisting of Pete Trewavas' fluid bass lines and Ian Mosley's powerful and inventive drumming is stunning. Musically and lyrically, each tune is a story in and of itself and warrants repeated listening. The dense mood of the entire affair is almost overpowering at times and yet highly addictive too.

Much has written about "Misplaced Childhood" and there is very little that yours truly can add to that other than to say that those of you who know the record intimately will revel in how pristine, crystal clear, and powerful this remastered version of the classic sounds while those of you who have yet to immerse yourself in its greatness are in for a rare treat. "Misplaced Childhood" is and always will be an excellent and outstanding record. This is progressive rock at its finest!

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