Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Karisma Records, 2018)

Karakter: 4/6

jordsjo-albumart-pr.pngJordsjø is a Norwegian duo consisting of the talented dudes that are Håkon Oftung (Black Magic, Tusmørke) and Kristian Frøland. Folowing a string of demo releases, these guys decided to craft a full-length album consisting of 7 interesting tunes that are a warm, lively, and vibrant mixture of 70s prog rock with lots of flute to it, avantgarde music, minimalistic rock, and old German synth music dating from the glorious 70s.
We are dealing with an eclectic mix here, but to a large extent it actually works. The songs strike a good balance between the abstract and the introspective, and on top of that the great and reflective lyrics go hand in hand with the moods and atmospheres of the music rather nicely. To some extent, Jordsjø is not that different to the Norwegian prog rockers Wobbler with respect to the clever arrangements and how the natural flow of the tunes are at times broken up by some unexpected twists and turns that have been thrown into the pot for good measure, which is pretty cool.
There are loads of melancholic passages on display on the record and the entire soundscape has a lot of depth, tone, and substance to it, but a couple of the compositions lack identity and memorable moments. Still, if prog rock with a strong folky (and at times pastoral) vibe to it sounds interesting then by all means check "Jord" out as it is a moving and ethereal experience.

Andre omtaler:

23.06.2018: DYING AWKWARD ANGEL - Absence of Light
19.06.2018: BAN BIANCA - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
18.06.2018: GHOST - 1988
18.06.2018: DEADLY CARNAGE - Through the Void, Above the Suns
17.06.2018: LED ZEPPELIN - How the West Was Won (Remastered & Reissued)
16.06.2018: PHANDROM - Victims of the Sea
15.06.2018: VALYRIA - Into The Dying Of Time
14.06.2018: FLORIAN GREY - Ritus
14.06.2018: KING WITCH - Under the Mountain
13.06.2018: MIND ENEMIES - Revenge
13.06.2018: Acârash - In Chaos Becrowned
12.06.2018: INFRARED - Saviours
12.06.2018: KENOS - Pest
11.06.2018: JEFF BECK - Live at the Hollywood Bowl
07.06.2018: SUDDEN DEATH - Stillborn
06.06.2018: SKOGEN - Skuggorna Kallar
05.06.2018: STEELMADE - The Stories We Tell
04.06.2018: COR SCORPII - Ruin
31.05.2018: PLANET EATER - Blackness From The Stars
29.05.2018: NOX INTERNA - A Minor Road