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Anmeldt av Mikael Sykelig

Some months ago we got notified of a great package with two of the pioneers in their own way bands, Megadeth and Judas Priest. This has been something of a dream for old metal fans that wanted to experience once again their favourite bands, and also new ones that wanted to learn what the values of the metal scene are, who built them and what makes them so important.

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MEGADETH live@Oslo Spektrum
Photo by Silje Storm Drabitius
While waiting for the date to come, we found out sad news concerning Glenn Tipton and the Alzheimer's  disease he has been suffering from. Then weird emotions started coming up. "Shit...this is the last time I am to see Priest live" was my thought...an uncomfortable and awkward feeling of losing something that all your  life has beenwith you ...like when i lost my father from cancer....or like when Lemmy was gone. So...i took promise to myself that the date was not to be missed by any means.

Great weather, took the car and some friends and off we drove towards Oslo Sentrum. Many talked about the attendance that day...i estimate it to be around 8000+/- something that is not that bad AT ALL considering that Megadeth already had a sold out date in Oslo, 10 months ago.

With a small based on the program delay, Megadeth hit the stage. Personaly my favourite thrash metal band, so i always have high expectations...and i was not disappointed. Megadeth delivered a remarkable show. Lots of energy accompanied as always with tons of skills, Megadeth made their fans (who from what i could notice from all the merch wore and sold, were quite many) to wake up from the horrible heatwave. First song...Hangar 18. Mustaine was in great shape but not THAT much in a happy mood. He made it quite obvious he was way pissed off due to reduced setlist he was to deliver. Not sure if this was something that had to do with just Oslo and the delay in starting the concert or if it is something that would influence the whole tour...because having a pissed off Mustaine for days in a row is not really something  anyone would enjoy...
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MEGADETH live@Oslo Spektrum
Photo by Silje Storm Drabitius

Megadeth kept it simple and with almost no talking in between the songs, and delivered a mix compiled from Rust in Peace,  The Threat is Real, Symphony of Destruction,  Peace Sells...But who's Buying and Killing is my Business...and business is good. Highlights: TaKe no Prisoners, Peace Sells, Mechanix and Holy Wars. Personally i could wish the band would drop Symphony of Destruction so  that to get something from So far...So Good...So what, but oh well....the setlist worked out fine. The band enjoyed their time in Oslo and the response they received and the crowd loved every second of it.
Negative thing from their appearance...the vocals. In most of the Megadeth's appearance, the vocals would come and go..and during most of the time, no one could hear a single word coming out of Mustaine. Some said it was problems with the microphones...i doubt it, as Elefsson used the exact same microphones and his voice was coming out just fine and rather loud actually, so, i blame it on lack of a good breakfast....not that the microphone speakers were top notch or anything....they s*ucked ass during Judas Priest as well but i will refer to that in a while.
So Megadeth....5/6 and that just due to the vocal issues.

JUDAS PRIEST live@Oslo Spektrum
Photo by Silje Storm Drabitius
It took half an hour for Judas Priest to enter the stage. I constantly had in mind...."does Halford still have it? Being 66 years old...can he still deliver the "goods"? Well...he can. Judas Priest delivered the goods alright for 1,5 hours. Great show with a rather imposing videoshow working as a backdrop. The party started with Firepower from the sametitled new album which i think is  simply marvelous, and continued with songs like Grinder, Sinner, The Ripper.
There was lots of energy on stage, Richie is doing an amazing job as the lead guitarist in one of the greatest bands the scene has to offer, and Andy appeared being comfortable filling up a veeery huge gap and assignment he has been given. We got to listen to lots of classics such as Tyrant, Saints in Hell, Turbo lover, Some Heads  are gonna Roll, but also a surprise such as Night Comes Down, a song that had not been performed since 1984.
During this time, Halford changed about 6-7 jackets, had a fabulous silver pair of trousers on and had also to experience shitty microphone sound and a speaker that was sounding like the first demo of the Finish BlackMetallers Beherit.  Halford tried to make a funny dialogue with Ian Hill....meh..didn't manage to get one single word from it due  to that speaker...
JUDAS PRIEST live@Oslo Spektrum
Photo by Silje Storm Drabitius

For the last songs Halford entered the scene with a rather badass motorcycle, changing the mood for what was to come. Freewheel Burning, You've Got Another thing coming, Hell Bent for Leather, Painkiller. People were in ecstasy and suddenly on the videowall...no other than Mr Glenn himself. That was a really touching moment for all inside Spektrum. Last songs for the night Breaking the Law and Living after Midnight. The band seemed they enjoyed every bit of their Oslo konsert which was the first one for the European leg of this tour. Last motif on the wall was "The Priest Will Return"...something Halford  also quite clearly noted. So.....there will be more Priest for us all afterall. Lucky we are!
Priest in the overall: 5,5/6.

Highligh of the day: A camera was capturing action from the arena and the picture was being projected on the videowall. Golden moment, a kid at about 6-7 years sitting on the shoulders of his father, singing the lyrics to Living after Midnight by heart and with such great passion. There is still faith in humanity....

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