Truchło Strzygi

Pora Umierać

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Godz ov War, 2018)

Karakter: 5/6

TRUCHŁO STRZYGI cover.jpgThe rather obscure Polish outfit named Truchło Strzygi is truly an underground gem and a very cool surprise to the unrefined taste of yours truly. These ugly fuckers offer a strong and excellent cocktail consisting of black metal and punk rock that is both entertaining and exciting to indulge in. The lyrics are all in their native language, which means that I will not be able to tell you what the tunes are about, but that only adds even more charm to this wicked release of theirs. There are nods and parallels to such diverse outfits as Carnivore, latter-day Darkthrone, early hardcore acts such as Discharge and Black Flag, and even a tiny bit of Hellhammer. The sound of the record is warm, organic, and thick as tar, just the way it ought to be. The tracks are generally in-your-face and utterly catchy, the musicianship is solid, and there is plenty of variety to the proceedings here. You get slow and punchy sections, fast-paced parts, and loads of riffs that are either easy on the ear or somewhat dissonant and disgusting (and pretty much everything in between). The punk-ish vocals are convincing and there is an overwhelming sense of emotion and passion to the eight cuts that constitute "Pora Umierać" that is irresistible. On top of that, the album artwork suits the song material perfectly and evokes a really rotten and vile atmosphere. Everything seems to go hand in hand here and belong together.

Leave it to Godz ov War Productions to uncover a raw and unpolished diamond hidden in the underground dirt such as this one and release it so that the black sickos and filthy punkers out there can immerse themselves in it and go ape-shit. This is some great stuff indeed. Do me a favor and check this truly well-crafted and superb release out now – it is available via Bandcamp and on CD.



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