The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost (2018 Remaster)

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Omnipresence/Funeral Industries, 2018)

Karakter: 5/6

Mortiis The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost .jpgGiven that I reviewed the 2017 tape version of the excellent "The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost" release by the renowned Mortiis not that long ago, I will keep this one rather short and merely highlight the fact that we are dealing with a properly remastered version of this ancient demo this time around. Whereas the 2017 tape release via the Children of the Night label was entirely true to the original version, this 2018 CD/LP/digital offering has been remastered and ought to be of interest to those of you dig the early era 1 recordings and outputs by the talented Norwegian dude.

We are dealing with a single track here and a rather monotonous and hypnotic one at that, but it is not without variations and nuances. Mortiis conceived the tune all the way back in 1993, which means that it was one of his first ever recordings under the solo moniker. The wonderful and organic lo-fi sound is still quite prominent, but this remastered version of the demo comes across as a little more crisp and clear compared to the 2017 tape release , which is not really surprising as such. Then again, it still sounds like a murky dungeon synth release spawned in a darkly lit cave in an otherworldly place, so its endearing features and qualities are still very much in place.

"The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost" is a touching and heartfelt piece of work that walks that fine line between being soothing on the one hand and morosely haunting on the other. Do not miss out on this one if you want to know where the aforementioned dungeon synth movement had its humble beginnings. What better than a CD/LP release then?



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