Neonderthal (Nightmare Begins)

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Ektro, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Neonderthal cover.jpgThis 2-track vinyl EP by the strangely unsettling ensemble that is Neonderthal Death is a highly original and wonderfully eccentric piece of work. The two compositions that constitute this release are driven by warm and pulsating synthesizers, a rather simple beat, and murky death metal growls. Weird or intriguing? The answer is “Both”. What initially struck me about “Neonderthal (Nightmare Begins)” is how well-executed and catchy the songs are. They are somewhat minimalistic and straightforward, but neither one-dimensional nor tedious to listen to.

The melodies evoked by the synthesizers mix surprisingly well with the nasty growls and there is definitely a sense of structure to the two tracks. The distorted guitars also add some wicked layers to the affair and while they are dark, the synthesizers provide a sense of brightness, so there is an interesting contrast in play throughout, me thinks.

“Neonderthal (Nightmare Begins)” is not necessarily something that I will listen to often, but I cannot deny the fact that these deranged lunatics are on to something here. I suggest you check this neat little EP out if you are on the lookout for something different and cool.


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