Feral Roots

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Atlantic Records, 2019)

Karakter: 5/6

Rival Sons Feral Roots .pngWith "Feral Roots", classic rock sensation Rival Sons may well have crafted their most complete and emotionally charged record to date. Simply put, vintage hard rock in the vein of the mighty Led Zeppelin has rarely sounded better than it does here and the fact that "Feral Roots" and its eleven songs encompass and encapsulate so many different moods and vibes is truly awe-inspiring to experience.

These guys ooze attitude and confidence while simultaneously making sure that each track is riddled with dynamics and nuances so that everything comes across as brilliantly organic and unpredictable. Those meaty riffs and blues-soaked licks are to die for and the vocals are utterly strong while the gritty rhythm section is tighter than my boss' anus gets whenever I ask him for a pay raise, which is saying something. Glorious compositions such as "Look Away", "Too Bad", and the title track immediately stand out and you will find yourself pressing the repeat button as soon as this marvelous disc reaches its end. Some of the other tunes do require a bit more time and a number of spins before they reveal their many qualities and layers fully, but that is part of this album's charm and one reason why it is so captivating.

"Feral Roots" is not necessarily the most accessible Rival Sons record out there, but it is undoubtedly the most mature and rewarding one yet. Regardless of whether you are into Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Blackberry Smoke, ZZ Top, or Black Sabbath (or perhaps all of those), "Feral Roots" is for you as it is an electrifying delight and a great slab of earth-shattering, bone-crushing rock 'n' roll with plenty of peaks and very few valleys to it.


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