Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Pancromatic Recrods, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Breidablik Nhoohr album cover.jpgThis Norwegian ensemble is an interesting one and dabble in ethereal and otherworldly soundscapes interwoven with synth-driven (and slightly prog-inspired) melodies that recall such diverse acts as Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Mare Frigoris (the obscure cosmic ambient project from Hungary), Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, and to a lesser extent Ashra. Having said that, Breidablik has a much more romantic and nature-inspired atmosphere to it compared to some of the aforementioned artists, at least to my ears. The songs are rich in texture and substance, and they make for a superb late-night soundtrack or a long, solitary walk in the woods or mountains. There is also an introspective quality to the compositions that lends a great and haunting depth to them. The different parts and sections flow together quite seamlessly, and the tunes are well-structured and cleverly arranged, so no complaints there. The music invokes visions of desolate and windswept landscapes while a cold and unsettling vibe runs underneath it all. Effective? You bet!

“Nhoohr” is neither the most dramatic nor climactic release within the genre, but it is undoubtedly a great example of just how effective and bone-chilling minimalistic ambient/electronic music can be. Occasionally, that cliched phrase “less is more” actually rings true. To some of you, it might come across as somewhat one-dimensional and simple, but those of you who appreciate melancholy ambient music will find a captivating beauty as well as countless layers and nuances within its wonderfully surreal sphere.

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