Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Mascot, 2019)

Karakter: 5/6

Torque album cover.jpgThe somewhat obscure and overlooked debut offering by Phil Demmel's blistering 90s thrash metal outfit Torque has finally been unearthed and unleashed again, and it sounds as relentlessly passionate now as it did back in 1996. We are talking pummeling metal with groove to it that is akin to a tsunami of rage. On top of it all, this 2019 edition of the record contains four previously unreleased bonus tracks, which is pretty damn awesome. Torque rose from the ashes of Vio-Lence (but luckily without Robb Flynn being involved) and it is a pleasure to hear Phil and his talented cohorts rip through these fifteen face-melting tunes that fall somewhere between Pantera, Exodus, Pissing Razors, and perhaps Testament at their most aggressive. While wild and fast-paced cuts such as "Dead You Lay" and "H.L.S." are a blast to lose oneself in, it is the slightly moodier and more atmospheric compositions such as "Isolation/Anger Mine" (which is one of the bonus cuts) and "Hand Over Fist" that truly stand out and deliver a glorious punch in the gut. The production may come across as slightly dated by today's standards, but there is no faulting those strong and wicked riffs, the dark and rumbling bass lines, the drums that sound like a nuclear bomb being detonated, or Demmel's pissed-off vocals. The only track that does nothing for me is "Will of Stone" – the rest are more or less killer.

A most welcome re-issue of an old gem that certainly deserves more praise, appreciation, and fans out there. If you are a headbanging maniac, make sure you check this one out.

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