Alles Gut

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Echozone, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Nervenbeisser Alles Gut album cover.jpgThe German act Nervenbeisser presents us with a 6-track EP that falls somewhere between hard electro rock and industrial metal. However, things never really turn nasty or unpleasant here. Rather, the compositions are driven by huge riffs, thick and dense layers of synthesizers, and those booming yet slightly cold vocals that one usually associates with outfits such as Oomph! and to some extent Rammstein. There are four brand new pieces on "Alles Gut" along with two remix versions.

The original tracks are quite varied and range from bombastic outbursts to somewhat calm and morose parts in a fluid and organic manner. On top of that, they are pretty catchy and there are a decent number of solid hooks scattered throughout the EP. The hard-hitting "Probleme" and the 7-minute album opener "Liebesschmerz" feels more complete and musically rewarding than the remaining songs do while the two remixes are, frankly speaking, forgettable (or at least not that interesting). In terms of downsides, Nervenbeisser do not offer anything that we have not heard before, and there are other similar bands out there whose music is more memorable and captivating than that of these guys. Still, "Alles Gut" definitely has its merits and a fair share of really cool moments, so make sure you give it a spin or two if you dig punishing German rock music with a cold and cynical edge to it. This one is solid and entertaining, but not remarkable.


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