Wizard's Spell

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Dark Essence Records, 2019)

Karakter: 5/6

Wizards Spell album cover.png"Wizard's Spell" by the Norwegian underground death dealers of speed metal/NWOBHM known as Black Magic has been out of print and unavailable for quite some time, but luckily, Dark Essence Records have taken it upon themselves to re-issue this truly wicked gem. If you dig early Mercyful Fate, early Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, and Exciter, this shit ought to blow you the fuck away. Driven by simple riffs that go straight for the throat and lethal solos that are surprisingly catchy, the EP sounds like some lost relic from 1982. The spirit and passion are there in spades and every tune is filled to the brim with memorable traits and feats. Sure, this stuff is totally unoriginal and very much a retro-record (or rather a throwback to the days of proto-thrash metal/early black metal/pure heavy metal), but rarely has the lack of originality sounded as glorious it does here simply because the compositions are steeped in a deep-seated love and respect for this particular brand of music. The riffs are well-crafted, the songs are just right in terms of arrangements, and fortunately, these dudes favor atmosphere and texture over technicality and musical precision. In short, "Wizard's Spell" is unpolished and vibrant metal with an evil feeling to it that reminds me of  "Melissa" by Mercyful Fate and  "Show No Mercy" by Slayer. The vocals vary a bit with respect to style and approach, which I think is part of its charm, but if you want to sample this wonderfully malicious slab of raw music before obtaining it, check the tune entitled  "Death Militia" out.

The  "Reap of Evil" demo (and not  "Rite of Evil" as the promo material states) has been included as a bonus feature and is a most welcome addition although it is not as musically rewarding or captivating as the  "Wizard's Spell" EP. However, the track  "Possessed" is arguably one of the darkest songs ever conceived by Black Magic and has a Celtic Frost-like vibe to it. Very cool...and very sinister!

Support one of Norway's most awesome labels and buy this delightfully dark slab of quintessential metal. It will melt your ugly face!


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