Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Purity Through Fire, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Mavorim_Aasfresser.jpgAnother one of the ever popular one man ambient black metal bands, Mavorim is a project of a multinistrumentalist/vocalist only known as P., who resurrects Eis (formerly known as Geist) and early Dimmu Borgir, with good to occasionally very good results.

Mavorim was created in 2014 but the first demo, "Heimkehr", did not see the light of day until 2016. "Der König Ist Tot" EP followed (2018) and finally the debut full length, "Silent Leges Inter Arma" LP (2018), before this new EP. "Aasfresser" is a 2 part EP with 5 brand new songs and 5 old demo cuts all of which are good but inconsistent, with more interesting material of recent produce. Choice cuts include: "Geeint Im Kampf", which strongly recalls ancient Dimmu Borgir (before they started writing in English) and "Ein Hasserfüllter Geist", a more varied and melodic affair with interesting atmospheric transitions.

Among the flaws are flat boring sleepy production, montonous, long songs with little variation, and inconsistent songwriting. Particularly "Hort Der Seligkeit" and "Verhallt In Dunkelheit" are so boring and predictible I can't remember a single note, anymore. In fact, while the songs are mostly good, the material is instantly forgettable once it ends and is easily replaced in your head with something else.

Mavorim is not a bad band but I don't foresee myself returning to it any time soon. My advice to P.: fix production, infuse some much needed aggression (as this is black metal) and think of some ebbs and flows piano/forte transitions before starting work on the 2nd full length.


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