Necromantic Rituals

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Self released, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Filthgrave - Necromantic Rituals cover.jpgA couple of years ago I came across a solid and vile demo release by the Oslo-based black metal act Filthgrave that I found quite entertaining and full of potential, and I was curious as to how these morose dudes would develop their musical sound and style in the future. The answer has arrived in the shape and form of this 4-track EP entitled “Necromantic Rituals”, and although the music is still rooted in the somewhat traditional and straightforward brand of black metal that harkens back to the mid 90s, their new compositions display more scope and also contain a bit more substance compared to the first batch of tunes that made up the 2017 demo.

“Necromantic Rituals” is generally an intense and fast-paced affair that conjures up visions both bleak and hellish. I really dig the way in which they move back and forth between harsh riffs and epic-sounding melodies as that spawns an interesting dialectic and diversity throughout. The musicianship is good, the production is raw and yet there is sufficient clarity and depth to it, and the four pieces that comprise the EP are generally pretty strong and memorable without necessarily breaking new ground or offering anything that is truly unique or original. The thrash metal influences are as prevalent and prominent as ever and the solos and guitar leads are akin to bullets, which is awesome, but the real treat of this one is listening to the hugely morbid riffs that course through “Screams From the Bottomless Pits”. The raging "Mark of the Dying" is fucking impressive as well!

“Necromantic Rituals” is slightly more refined and varied than its predecessor, but still ugly as hell and as dark as a cold winter's night. If grim bands and nasty outfits ala Urgehal, Beastcraft, Orcustus, and ancient Bathory appeal to you then do yourself a favor and check Filthgrave out. Their two sinister outputs are both available via Bandcamp and there is certainly enough here to warrant investigation.


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