Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Soulseller Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

Deathbarrel Rebuke Revoke.jpgNow this is an interesting one! The Norwegian entity named Deathbarrel dabbles in what I would term gloomy Americana with (outlaw) country-tinged influences to it, or perhaps dark singer/songwriter music would be a more apt description? Either way, this dynamic 4-track EP is most definitely not metal, but all you headbanging bastards out there should neither be put off by that nor even remotely skeptical, because “Rebuke/Revoke” is a heartfelt and emotionally charged gem containing songs and words that howl out in pain and speak of longing, regrets, shitty decisions, and endless trips down dusty backroads. Thanks to its strong melodies, great arrangements, and atmosphere that reeks of deep-seated grief, this skilled ensemble spearheaded by Ottar Stangeland has conjured up a memorable slab of superbly written material that is as evocative as it is moving.

I did notice that some writers and websites and whatnot have placed Deathbarrel firmly in the country genre, and there are definitely elements and traces of said genre present in the four haunting tunes that make up this EP, but to these ears, it is more akin to Americana with a dark and shadowy twist to it. Then again, does any of that really matter? Regardless of whether you dig outlaw country rebel music ala Hank Williams III or murky folk rock, the fact remains that “Rebuke/Revoke” rules and is catchy as fuck while simultaneously containing a sufficient amount of depth and texture to warrant repeated whiskey-fueled listens. Some may consider this niche music of sorts but mark my words when I say that this outfit has the potential to turn into something huge or at the very least a cult act/musical phenomenon. My only complaint is that this one is way too short and that I want more!

Standout track: The melancholy and bone-chilling “Heard It All Before”.


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