Perdition II

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Immortal Frost Productions, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

ASTRAL WINTER Perdition II album cover.jpgThe skilled Tasmanian outfit Astral Winter is back with a brand-new record containing soothing and tranquil acoustic music that is drenched in beautiful melancholy and splendid grandeur. Gentle and finely crafted melodies are woven together quite expertly, the piano and reverb-laden guitars complement each other nicely, and the wintry atmosphere that envelops each and every part of this enjoyable 9-track offering is utterly convincing.

There is a good flow to the whole thing too, and if you close your eyes while immersing yourself in “Perdition II”, it actually does feel as if one is embarking on a cold and windswept journey across desolate fields and through majestic woods. In a way, it ranges from cinematic and large in scope to strangely intimate, which simply has to do with the feel of the melodies and the various inner scenes and emotions that they conjure up and portray. Perhaps the best and most illustrative example of the record’s glacial aura is the piece entitled “Light of the Cosmos”, which, as it its name also suggests, possesses an otherworldly vibe too.

“Perdition II” is neither bone-chilling nor so all-out gripping that listening to it turns into an obsession, but it is a highly competent, heartfelt and evocative listen that will serve as a great soundtrack to the dark and solitary hours of fall and winter.

Standout track: the dynamic and haunting “At the Gates of Creation”.  


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