The Ghost Inside

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Epitaph Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

Htheghostinside.jpgard-hitting metalcore combo The Ghost Inside is back and this razor-sharp and viciously heavy 11-track offering is brimming with ideas and confidence. These guys waste no time and kick things off with the ferocious “1333” which sets the tone and establishes the atmosphere that permeates the rest of the record by means of its first few chords. There is groove and big, crunchy riffs in spades here while the varied vocals infuse the pieces with a prominent sense of conviction and emotional intensity. This highly competent affair is not altogether flawless though as it loses a bit of its momentum around “Overexposure” before it picks up again by the time“Unseen” rolls around the corner. In that sense, it is a little uneven.

Aggressive yet uplifting, this self-titled effort is a memorable slab of bone-crushing, modern-styled metal and it comes across as a strong, cohesive, and focused record. I do wish that the actual sound had a tad more rawness and grit to it, but that is a minor detail in the overall perspective. A really cool listen for sure, and there is no shortage of infectious riffs or earth-shattering parts here, folks.

Album highlights: “Pressure Point”, “Phoenix Rise”, and the melodically gorgeous “Begin Again”.


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