Choir Boy

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Count and Countess, 2020)

Karakter: 4.5/6

BRUNHILDE Choir Boy album cover.jpgThis 4-track EP by the German duo Brunhilde is pretty damn cool and conjures up a fiery blend of heavy metal, crossover, and punk rock, and the result is satisfying one in the sense that all the tunes are dynamic and memorable. The musicianship is great, the sound packs punch and is suitably raw, and there is no denying the fact that this is an energetic and interesting output with bags of potential to it. Vocalist Caro is in possession of a superb voice that complements riff-meister Kurt Bauereiß’ impressive work beautifully, and “Choir Boy” is wildly diverse in that you get a straightforward rocker ala the title track that will bust your kneecaps but then “When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead)” follows and is much more atmospheric and alternates between aggressive parts and calm, introspective ones.

The haunting “It’s All Lies”, which only contains piano and vocals, is a mellow and heartfelt piece that oozes melancholy and deep-seated anger whereas “Golddigger” is slightly more modern-sounding and gritty, but it is not quite as gripping as the other three tracks even though it contains some killer riffs in places and is relatively fast-paced.

Like I said, this is merely a 4-track EP, but it leaves you wanting more, and it will be very interesting to see what this skilled and original act will come up with next. There is something intriguing and strangely fascinating about “Choir Boy” and I suggest you check it out if you are feeling particularly openminded one day.


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