45th Anniversary - Live in London

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Music, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

BLUE OYSTER CULT album cover.jpgEver since the legendary Blue Öyster Cult performed their self-titled debut LP in its entirety at the sadly missed Stone Free Festival in London back in 2017, I have harbored hopes that the show would one day be released in some way or another, so it is a treat to finally sit here holding the grand thing (i.e. a CD and DVD) between my hands.  

When the legendary New York outfit played the aforementioned festival, somebody must have underestimated just how popular these guys are, because the Indigo O2 was fucking packed to the rafters during their set and so many fans and adherents of classic rock were waiting outside the concert hall desperately wanting to get in. In short, they should have played the main stage that night, which is to say the O2 Arena. Regardless of that, what we have here is a strong, potent offering where the outfit’s wonderfully mysterious and intriguing first record is played front to back along with five other timeless tracks. Everything is delivered with class and conviction, and the sound is great in that there is crunch and warmth to it. Listening to the debut album in this particular setting is pretty fucking epic and the idea of celebrating its 45th anniversary was a stroke of genius. The DVD is decently shot but is neither remarkable nor a must-see as such. The CD is the real gem here and you should listen to it with your eyes closed and revel in the atmosphere of it all. There are several highlights throughout, but if I had to choose a standout piece I would probably go with “Then Came the Last Days of May”.  

“45th Anniversary - Live in London” is spellbinding at times and this release does not merely serve as a souvenir to those who witnessed the show; it is also a good reminder of just how awe-inspiring and unique B.Ö.C. are. This one is definitely worth your time and the artwork is wicked too.


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