Time for a Miracle

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Music, 2020)

Karakter: 4.5/6

PERFECT PLAN Time for a Miracle.jpgOne of the first things that struck me when listening to Perfect Plan’s latest effort is that it sounds as if these skilled Swedes with a keen ear for strong melodies had a blast recording “Time for a Miracle”. It is not that outfit that brings anything new to the table as such, but there is a huge amount of joy and enthusiasm to be found here and that is one thing among many that I admire about their latest slab of hook-laden, arena-sized rock. What else is cool about this 12-track disc? Well, the compositions possess a good flow and the record as a whole comes across as cohesive, but the affair also has an endearing quality to it that ties in with what I stated before about “Time for a Miracle” sounding like a heartfelt and passionate piece of work where the enthusiasm is palpable all the way through. Perhaps that is merely another way of saying that these guys have conceived an album that is vibrant and satisfyingly dynamic? The highlights are the harder-sounding and punchier cuts on the record, namely “Give a Little Lovin’”, “Better Walk Alone”, “Every Time We Cry”, “Nobody’s Fool”, and “Heart to Stone”, where the riffs are beefy and the arrangements interesting. The title track has a huge, fat, and infectious chorus that is to die for too. However, the ballads are good rather than remarkable.  

“Time for a Miracle” is a strong and confident opus, and although its biggest flaw is that it sounds akin to countless other records out there and lacks a musical identity of its own in places, there is something charming and irresistible about Perfect Plan’s melodically rich and catchy tunes. Fans of Def Leppard, Foreigner, Europe, and late 80s Whitesnake ought to check it out as it is at least as good if not better than their 2018 offering entitled “All Rise”.


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