Global Suicide

Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Indie Recordings, 2020)

Karakter: 5.5/6

Fixation_GlobalSuicide_1.jpgAlthough many had dubbed Linkin' Park a nu-metal act on their brilliant debut "Hybrid Theory" album (2000) they later proved on subsequent releases they had more to do with alternative metal, especially on "Minutes To Midnight" (2007). But in truth they could not really be defined, a phenomenon on the market at the time, one countless of bands began to emulate with mixed results. The brand new Norwegian act Fixation, featuring Jonas Hansen (vocals and keys), Martin Stenstad Selen (guitar), Tobias Østerdal (guitar), Martin Gravdal (bass) and Mats Klevar Holm (drums) has that same exciting instant catchiness while their compositions are neither simple nor plastic, and, like Linkin Park before them, they are unique in their approach.

On their debut EP "Global Suicide", a kind of state of the world address, to  steal Biohazard's 1994 album title, they deal with the corruption of mankind in a very similar way as the New Yorkers had dealt back in 1994, not merely pointing fingers all around them but rather saying "WE have done this to ourselves, each other and to our planet". In fact, the last track is called "What Have We Done" for this very reason, with lyrics unmistakably an indictment of humanity as "this is not a price for our sins, this is not part of God's plan, it's not nature's way (or, possibly, reign), this what we have done". The song recalls Tessaract in the briliant melodiscism and emotional weight, clean singer Jonas Hansen, perhaps unavoidably similar in tone to tragically departed Chester Charles Bennington (Linkin Park) but, nevertheless, already having his own masterful style.

This is not to say that the remaining 3 tracks are far behind (see the score), in fact, the favorite "Survive", a take on how many of us are unwilling to live authentically for fear of getting hurt for who we really are, is perfect, blending "Fiction" Dark Tranquillity melodiscism with "Reroute To Remain" In Flames-ian atmospherics doused with "Joshua Tree" U2 progression, with Hansen's keyboard mastery rivaling the legendary synthetizer master Alan Charles Wilder (Depeche Mode's best years 1982-1995). In a word - delicious! On top of that the two guitars deliver a punch as if they were 7 stringers (which, of course, they may be) slightly djenty somewhat recalling Breaking Benjamin, while waxing globally conspiracious (Bloodline).

There's a lot this 20 minute EP covers and it feels a lot longer than it actually is, in a good way, plus Jason Livermore's (Rise Against, Carnival Kids, etc.) mix and master is fantastic. I can already hardly wait for the full length. Adorned by my second 5.5/6 score (after Mr. Kill), it comes highly recommended if you like truly emotional, powerful music with lyrics hopefully capable of changing hearts and minds of our hubris-filled mankind.


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