Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2021)

Karakter: 3.5/6

Kreek-ST-cover2021.jpg The relatively new UK hard rock outfit that is Kreek, which is spearheaded by former Bigfoot vocalist Antony Ellis, recently released this debut offering of theirs via Frontiers Records, and there is a strong emphasis on melodies and harmonies here.

Comprised of ten compositions and produced by Daniel Rossall, the album contains its fair share of effective hooks and feature some good, passionate vocals courtesy of the aforementioned Ellis. Occasionally the whole thing leans toward (80s) heavy metal due to some of the riffs and solos being relatively raw, punchy, and in your face, but "Kreek" is primarily a proper hard rock record. Their energetic mixture of big riffs and instantly memorable melodies works well most of the time and they know how to vary the pace and make things dynamic. However, only a few of the pieces actually stand out as such and the disc lacks those huge and mind-blowing songs that would have made it a real contender and something that would linger in the back of one's mind after having immersed oneself in it. There is a solid groove to this self-titled effort and some interesting textures and wicked details and whatnot, but it often feels a little too safe and predictable, and the LP is simply not as riveting as it could have been. Also, the production lacks power and crunch, and a more punchy and bombastic sound certainly would have complemented the group's material nicely and resulted in a more impressive and hard-hitting musical assault on the senses. While the low points are the plodding ”Million Dollar Man” and ”One Voice”, the aggressive ”Missiles” and the spirited ”Stand Together” represent the best of what this quartet has to offer.

”Kreek” is worth a listen as there is potential and promise in spades here not to mention the fact that several of the melodies ooze quality and grandeur, but it is just not one of those thrilling outputs that will knock your socks off or melt your face. Maybe their sophomore album will be an earth-shattering slice of hard rock? Time will tell.

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