Smooth Failing

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Karisma Records, 2021)

Karakter: 5/6

Dobbeltgjenger Smooth Failing album cover.jpgNow this is one album that yours truly has very much been looking forward to seeing that its predecessor, "Limbohead", has grown on me immensely over the years and turned into one of my personal favorites. The Norwegian rock (and I am using the term 'rock' loosely here) ensemble dabbles in something that I can only describe as being highly eclectic, diverse, and original, and this upcoming opus of theirs is just as quirky and electrifying as I had hoped it would be.

What is it about Dobbeltgjenger that makes them so special? And why are their tunes so wildly irresistible? As evidenced by "Smooth Failing" in more or less its entirety, these guys have a marvelous knack for composing and crafting songs that are musically cohesive and superbly arranged while simultaneously making sure that you and I have absolutely no idea what awaits us at every turn. Accessible and catchy yet sufficiently layered and unpredictable, this energetic and highly enjoyable listening experience is something out of the ordinary, and although the outfit has obviously matured as songwriters, there is still a notable sense of youthful vigor and charm to what they do. There is groove aplenty here and some marvelous parts that will make you go "What the fuck was that?!". Several highlights present themselves throughout but I have a certain affinity for the psychedelic "Electrical Seasons" and the infectiously catchy "Come on Over". The chorus to "Johanna" is also to die for while album closer "Do the Wrong Things" has a wonderfully surreal and airy vibe to it.

"Smooth Failing" could easily appeal to fans and adherents of everything from alternative rock and hard rock and further on to prog rock and experimental pop music. This stuff is as innovative and uplifting as it is entertaining and memorable.


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