Stain The Sea

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2021)

Karakter: 4/6

INNER STREAM album cover.jpgInner Stream, which is fronted by vocalist/songwriter Inés Vera-Ortiz, is one of the more musically adventurous endeavors that I have come across from the Frontiers Records roster recently, which is pretty cool in and of itself, and it is nice to see that the label has broadened their horizon these past few years and signed some interesting acts outside of hard rock/classic rock/AOR that bring something different to the table. Anyway, let us return to Inner Stream and this emotionally charged, eleven-track album titled "Stain the Sea", shall we?

Musically, this is an intriguing mixture of punchy symphonic metal with plenty of gothic overtones and experimental modern metal vibes to it. In some ways, it is rather difficult to pigeonhole these compositions as they incorporate so many different elements and ideas, and not all parts are compatible with each other or flow that well together throughout, but all in all, I do find this rather stimulating and full of interesting textures. With an emphasis on melancholy and strong melodies, these tracks provide a thick, appealing dose of atmosphere and countless subtle nuances and details that one picks up on the more one listens to it. The sound of the record may be slick and pristine, but it is also quite heavy and in your face. There is certainly room for improvement with respect to making the songs a bit more organic and livelier (they do sound a little stiff in places), but in the overall perspective this is well worth seeking out and a creatively crafted opus that rarely turns stale or predictable.




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