It's All in Your Head

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Fastball Music, 2021)

Karakter: 4/6

THE END AD album cover.jpgThe Philadelphia-based act appropriately named The End A.D., which is essentially a hardcore- and punk-influenced metal outfit, is about to unleash this short 5-track onslaught of theirs via Fastball Music in October. This is quite the vicious and aggressive EP, and the fucker is as raw and unrefined as it is in your face and violent. While its dark and somewhat murky yet hard-hitting sound is certainly appealing to these ears, the ugly thing may be said to be a solid release rather than a spectacular one, but please note that there are enough punishing riffs in general throughout to keep boredom at bay at all times. 

Although it does not offer any real surprises as such, it undoubtedly delivers passion in spades and the spirited ensemble clearly means business and do not waste any time here with respect to punching you in the gut. The pummeling "Unnamed - Unloved", the concise attack that is "Death Cult", and the catchy "Bloodsucker" are arguably the strongest cuts to be found on the disc, and as much as I like their "Badlands" (2019) album, I think "It's All in Your Head" is actually more entertaining and satisfying to listen to than the former. The EP format definitely suits the intensity and crushing nature of their song material rather nicely. Check it you if you feel like being beaten to a pulp one day.



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